Sunday, June 2, 2013

Another Recycle Art Idea!


So I'm off on another Wild Adventure at 21 Secrets! This is from Ro Bruhn's class "Flower Power".  I have been waiting to take this class!  I keep seeing all these fantastic Flowers all over the website galleries and when I heard they were 'Reused Beauties' I jumped in!

Ok- so these are made out on the Insides of JUNK MAIL Envelopes!  BRILLIANT!  I wondered what all the cool textures everyone had were.  Oh my gosh I love to rescue and repurpose things...almost as much as I love Nutella and School Supplies... I'm a bit obsessed with, well, all of them...but NOW even Junk Mail has a Purpose!  

My Hubby thought I was NUTS when I got all excited about driving to the Mail Box because we might have gotten some Junk Mail!  

So first I cut open the Envelope and Doodled with my Pitt Waterproof Marker:

A little Blurry...sorry!

Then, since I was sitting with the Fam, I pulled out my Copics:)

Colored 'em in!

See the Cool Background Pattern...that was FREE baby!  Wahoo!

She is having us do this Awesome Shading that makes her things look 3-D.  But I need to make a trip to get a new White Marker...then I'll finish it up.

Had so much FUN I did a few more!

Ok- two are usable...two are just weird!
Then I tried some Words...

So Get Out There and Hunt for Junk Mail Folks!  And go visit Ro Bruhn's Fantastic Blog and see all her work!  You will be ready to Dumpster Dive with me!!