Saturday, June 29, 2013

Index Card a Day Roundup

So Here are the Last Week or so in Index Card a Day Juiciness:)

The BIG news this week is No More Chemo! My 16 year old is Totally Done with his Treatment for Leukemia!  Yay!  We've been Celebrating all week! Here's a very Happy Card!

The Best Card I ever Made!
This next one is of my's actually made of Bits and Pieces from things I found while Training for Marathon this last winter on a trip to California.   I know it's a bit weird...but I love it! I also Love the quote!

Love my 'Found' stuff!
Below is a Pencil sketch of my Little Sissy how I remember her; getting ready to walk to school:)  I was watching the Kids at the Pool that day and only had a Card and a Pencil.

My Sis on her way to school:)

 Summer of Color's Challenge was Purple and Lime..a combo I would have Never really thought of!  That's what's great about this Challenge.  And you can use some of your Index Cards as a 'Cross-Over'

My Sissy:)

There were so many gorgeous pieces on  Summer of Color.  I was inspired by everyone's 'Little Girl' paintings so I got up the Courage to give it a try....of course it's Inspired by my  Sis:)

Here is my Very First Kitty Cat...I love that I had the excuse to make him Purple:)  I gave him some String to play with:)
The Only Cat I can have!  I'm not allergic to this one!

I hope you will Jump in with us. The Community that has built up around this is just so Wonderful.  Every morning I grab my Coffee and 'Scroll and Drool' over everyone's amazing work.

Tammy Garcia, the lovely lady who gave us ICAD ,just posted a Great Tutorial on a Luminous Paper Weaving.  Go check it out....and tell her Molly Lolly Loo sent ya'!

Love to all!