Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Repurposed Canvas for Pediatric Chemo Office

New Canvas in the Works

So!  With all this Little House Madness I decided to make my next piece for Dr. Cohen's Office a "Fairy House" Piece.

I've been Collecting Collage Materials over the past few weeks.  I LOVE this part!  I try to use things that the Kids would Love- Even if they get Covered up in the end.  I know they are there and they are there in the 'Spirit' of the Piece.

Here's some fun things I found to go on the Background- You know this is some DELICOUS Thrift Shop Goodness Right Here!
OH!  And that Snow scene in the Background is the Repurposed Canvas...18 x 36 Inch

More Fun, Old Books....they Smell So Fantastic!  Love that Old Book Smell!

 Here's some More "Scrappy Fabulousness" That called to me!

Bit's and Pieces

So Here's what it looked like all Mod Podged Down...

Now The Paint Fun Begins! 

 I used a Brayer to roll on 4 different colors of Blue, letting the Background show through in Different Places.

Then I Collaged on some Tissue Paper stamped with Inspirational Quotes and Words, Scripture and Love Wishes.

Here's the latest pic after adding some White here and there with some Foam stamps. 

If I knew which side the top was...I would say this is Upside Down!

I should have taken another "Process Pic" in here!  I promise I"ll do better next time.
And Hey!  Those Perfectly Round little Dark Blue dots....Ya, you know it's the Dollar Store Dart Board Baby!!  Boo-yah!

I'll keep you updated as I work on it!

Stay Tuned for "Molly Get's a "Less-than-10 years-Old" Computer  Tomorrow! I hear they don't have Floppy Disks anymore....:)