Sunday, June 9, 2013

Little Houses...Big Obsession!

Fairy Houses Galore!

For as Long as I can remember I've been addicted to Little Houses!

I think it started with Bird Houses and then grew to include any form of 'Mini Dwelling.'
Fairy Wing Shop
  Last  year I became Completely Obsessed with Fairy Houses....and Made lots and lots of them!  I went to find some pics and realized that I sold or gifted almost all of them!  So here is the one I saved for our Personal Fairy:)

This is a Tiny Wing Shop where Fairies can come for a New Pair of Customized Wings:)  It's made of Found Objects and cast off Pieces of wood and What Nots.  The wings are Painted Wooden Hearts and the Sign is hung from a 'Borrowed' Crochet Hook.   I also made a Taylor Shop and Several Wand Shops....I'll have some pics of those later this week:)

I have read the "Borrowers" by Mary Norton....all FIVE Books.... so many times I have them Memorized.  I know that reading them when I was little gave me a love for all things "Tiny and Borrowed".

 Inspired by Cathy B's Amazing Little Houses, I HAD to hide out in my Studio and make some "Itty Bitties" of my own...  Here are two I did for ICAD ( Index Card a Day):)

Fairy Houses in the grass:) Collaged Papers on Acrylic and Ink Background

This one is made of Recycled Junk Mail Envelopes:)

I found a few More in my Journal's from Last Year...This is another Recycled one on Cardboard:)

On Cardboard with Scraps of this and that:)

And this last one was from one of my First Art's a Pic of my Sis when she was little.  This was totally inspired by Christy Tomilson's "She Art" Class...which was Amazing!  It was my Very First Class and it was Really what inspired me to get Back into Art:)

Collage and Acrylic Paint
OK- So that's a Purple Cat with Polka Dots.....I didn't say it was a GOOD Journal Page:)!

My son has been in the Hospital on and off for the last 5 years doing Chemo for Leukemia and there are LOTS of Fairies in Phoenix Children Hospital!  They love to steal your Goldfish Crackers...take Drinks of  your Sprite and Definitely steal the Nurses Favorite Pens when they aren't looking!  

I've been doing "Fairy Makeovers" for our Little Chemo Friends...mostly the Girls, for years now. 

Everyone knows that Fairies don't necessarily have I draw their "Fairy Selves" and they get a little Fairy House to hang in their Hospital Room.   If the Fairies have a Nice House they don't cause as much mischief and are much less likely to "Borrow" your Toothbrush:)

If the kids  remember...they can leave a Goldfish Cracker by the Door at night and the Fairies always enjoy snacking on them:) OH!  And they don't like Jello....we found that out the hard way!:) 

If you have some Favorite Little House Inspirations....or if you just Really Love providing your Local Fairies with Homes....let me know! 

Happy Houses!