Monday, June 17, 2013

Just Ride the Elevator

I just Love this Quote!

We are very blessed to be living in the Country with our Goatie,  two Chickens and four Doggies.  But for the past 5 years we've had two "Home away from Homes" while my son did Chemo for Leukemia.  One  was Ronald Mc Donald's House and one was Phoenix Children's Hospital right in Downtown Phoenix.   So we got to be Part time "City Folks". 

When it was too hot to go running and I needed a bit of a break I would Jump into Elevator 2...because Elevator 3 is haunted...and just ride up and down for awhile.   I would get off at different Levels and just explore. Unless of course I got stuck in Elevator 3..then it was 20 minutes of up and down...the door doesn't open and you end up calling security on that weird looking phone:)

So Yesterday's Index Card of the Day  was my first "City Scape"...with a "Hint-O-the-Grunge" know I love me some Grunge:) So I thought it was fitting.
I also was able to get some forward movement after a few days of Mental fog  and finally worked on my "Fairy Houses" Canvas... Here's a few Pics of the Work in Progress...
Dr. Cohen "Fairy Houses Canvas" in progress:)
This is the Background with all it's "Collagey Layeriness" (OK- that one was a stretch...)  I wanted to remember what it looked like before it got all Covered Up!
This is the Preliminary "Try Out Stuff" shot.  The Music Book on the far right is from when I was Little and the Second House from the Right is the Back of an Old Simplicity Pattern Envelope which reminds me of My Mom Sewing clothes for us:)  Good Times!
Here it is with the Base Layer of Papery Goodness.  Now for the Painting Fun!!

Tune in tomorrow for...."The Dollar Store Item of the Day" Da Da Dummmmm!