Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Grungy Collage Collection

Feeling Grungy...

June 3-6 Index Card of the Day

So, ICAD is upon us!  And as I am currently taking SEVERAL classes at 21 Secrets I thought I'd Combine some techniques for my Daily Indexy Goodness...

But no matter what I pulled out...I just wanted to GRUNGE it spots, smudges of ink..geometric backgrounds...overall Messiness...sometimes you just need your Art to Reflect your Life...and mine is often MESSY.   Things aren't always pretty, perfect, matchy or 'Easily Catagorized'...thus these Four Cards.

Right now I am working on "Structuring my Creativity"...I know it seems like a very "Oxy-moronic" statement, but as I am moving in the direction of Art and Creativity as a Bigger, more Central part of my life, the inevitable 'S' word...Structure....does come up!

Actually, I am a STRUCTURE Nut!  I love organizing, catagorizing, scheduling and listing....but I am still one of the Messiest Artists around.  It's a strange Juxtaposition and I think it shows in a lot of my Art Stuff.

My First Lettering Attempt...Envelope Flower and Printed/Inky Background

Believe it or not....I'm quite the Minimalist when it comes to my Home Decoration, Furnishings, Clothing etc....The only place I love to really "Collect" things is in my Studio...(and then I love to Organize all the stuff I Collect!:)  

 when I am in the Process of Creating....I am ALL Over the Place!   I have everything out at once, paint all over me and Several things going at once....weird eh??

Printed Background, Paper Towel and Ink Hearts...Collaged

How about you?  Are you more structured in your 'Art Life' or your "Home Life"?  Is Structure the 'S' Word?  I'd love to hear all about it!!!