Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dollar Store Art Item of the Week!

Feelin' Like a Dollar Store Diva!!

I'm kind of Freaking Out About this one....Are you Ready??!

I've been looking for an Inexpensive way to do Ink Spray Backgrounds like the one Below...
Yesterday I Finally Found It!!!!

The Answer You've Been Waiting For!!


 I don't know about you guys...but I wasn't about to drop $20 plus bucks on a Craft Mat that I could destroy with my Crazy Spray Ink Madness...'cuz I'm 'Thrifty Like A Fox'..

So Yesterday when I ran into these babies I did the full on 'Happy Dance' in the Aisle! Fortunately I was 2 hours from home at the time so if it makes the News...I'll be Ok.


I opened them up to Get my Ink on AND.....There are TWO of them in each Package!!!
(Oh ya I'm dancing...oh ya I'm dancing...)

There's Two Mats in Each! Thumbs Up!!

Can you Stand It?!!

Now I can cover one with one Color Scheme... and you know I've got the Second Color Scheme Going On as well!!
Twice the Delicious Mess in Half the Time!!!

Here's what I did...I learned it from Kate Crane's Class "Journal Soup":

I Sprayed the Dylusion Ink Directly onto my new "Craft Mat"

 Then I plopped down my this case, an Index Card....and carefully rubbed the back:

Ick...I think I need to hire a "Hand Model"!

And Voila!!  Inky Background Goodness!!  I'll use these for ICAD, Cut up for Journal Pages...even Collaged onto Canvases...Who Knows?!!!

4 x 6 Index Cards

8 x 12 Paper
And "How do you Clean Them?"  You ask....Just rinsed them out in the Kitchen Sink!!!  TA DA!

As you can tell I'm just a LITTLE bit excited!!!  These days we are all doing "Art on a Budget" so it's really exciting to find things that can be Repurposed and Reused!


If you have a Favorite Dollar or Thrift Store Know I want to hear about it!  Shoot me a Comment or E-mail!