Thursday, June 20, 2013

Guest Artist Linda Marsee!

Our Lovely Guest Artist this week is Linda Marsee!

Chickadees in Pencil
Linda is one of my Absolute Favorite Artists:)  She uses all sorts of  media, working with everything from Simple Pen and Ink Sketches to Colored Pencils. She is especially known for her Textile Arts.  She is an Amazing Quilter and even more Wonderful Mom. We are SO Fortunate to have her here today!!
Framed Chickadee!
I asked Linda what her Very First Art Inspirations were.  Here's what she had to say:)
" I grew up watching my Mother sew.  Some of my earliest memories are playing beside my Mother's Sewing Table.  I still have the little sewing cabinet that facinated me as a child.  I loved the button box, so I guess that's why I love buttons!  I've always loved tactile things: burlap, cordaroy,  (I can't spell corderoy) shells, rocks."
Water Color Pencil Sketch
Maybe 2nd grade was a momentous time in my life.  I won a prize for a poster!  Of course this was under the influence of Mrs. Breedon whose mantra was" don't use pale , weak , wishy washy colors.  My theme for the poster was " Be a friend to the friendless"  .  I was a sweet little girl.  I made a skunk and a porcupine.  The skunk had black and white yarn fur. The porcupine had spines made of small strips of paper that stuck out from the poster. 
Ink that has been scratched off
"Quilting appealed to me when I retired because it was social as well as tactile.  Other people were using the same medium.  But then I discovered that I really don't like following patterns exactly the same.  I simply can't use someone else's  picture in an applique piece for instance."

An Original Design by Linda

 "I like the geometry of quilting also.  I also like working with wood.  Mostly that has been limited to decorative cut outs.  I have made a bench!"

One of Linda's Geometric Quilts

The Goldfish are Linda's Original Design!
Here is a look at More of Linda's 'Quilt Magic'!
Chickadee Quilt
Close up

Linda has a wonderful Work room that is very neat and well Organized. I just had to ask...

" You asked how do I keep my sewing room so neat?  I LOVE little boxes and drawers!  Part of the fun for me is organizing my treasures.  Right now I'm planning how to organize all my pens I've bought for  the lettering class.  One other thought,  I really like thinking of some different way to use a technique or item.  It's fun to stand outside the box."
That a Girl!  We will check in again with Linda to see some of her 'Repurposed Wonders'.  Until then...she had one more thing to say...

 "This was fun Molly!  Love Mom"
Linda Marsee Textile and Mixed Media Artist
Did you guess it?!  This amazing Artist is also my Momma!
She is, was and will always be my Inspiration!!
We'll be hearing more Stories, Quips and Juicy Crafty Tips from this Talented Momma Lady!!
Until then.........
Love to all!