Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bodacious Botanicals- ICAD is Here!

The Earth Laughs in Flowers! 

Funky Flowers


Funky Yellow Flower

Funky Flower 2
It's finally here!  Time to post all the cards you've been making and pretend you did them all today!!

I had a great time sketching these with my Medium Pitt Pen while watching Psych reruns with my Boys.  I wanted to be out there with everyone so I took a BIG BREATH...and broke out my Copic Markers. This is the first time I've really used them!  And they work great on Index Cards!  Who knew right?!

Ok- so you can see the little "Clearance" Tag peeking out on one of them...that's because I got them at Hobby Lobby for Four-stinkin-twenty-five a piece!!!  That's like $3.00 off!!  If you are anywhere in the state of Arizona...leave now...they're in Prescott Valley!  Run don't Walk!

I have a limited range of colors, but that's ok.  My Mom always said, "Less Is More...unless of course it's Shoes, Purses or Chocolate."  That's a direct quote by the way.  I'm finding that if I have too many Art Supply choices I totally BOGGLE.  So this made me use what I had and DREAM of what color I would hunt for next!

Send me your Index Card Pics!!  Go ahead and add it to your completely insane-busy life!   Overcommit!!  I give you permission!

Can't wait to see yours!