Sunday, June 16, 2013

Guest Artist for Little House Week!

Guest Artist Robin Pitchelmayer!

Hey Guys!!  Today we have the Fabulous "Little House Stylings" of our Guest Artist Robin Pichelmayer!!  You can find her at one of my New Fave-Blogs Thirtyone13.
I met Robin over at ICAD and just LOVED all her Micro-Dwelling Magic:)  This first one is Fabric!!  It's like Voodoo to me because I am not a Fabulous Sew-er-person.   I Especially love the Color choices and the Orange around the edges...Fabulous!

Robin Pichelmayer Fab Little Fabric House
Next is one of her Adorable Index Card a Day Posts...I love the Lollipop-Button Flower in the right hand Corner!

Collaged Little House Scene by Robin

I don't know if I could pick a Favorite- but I Really Really like this one!! It's full of Collage-y Goodness!

More Juicy Collage from Robin P
To see More Great Stuff from Robin, head on Over to ThirtyOne13!! Tell her Molly Lolly Loo sent you!!