Sunday, June 23, 2013

The 5 Art Supplies I Can't Live Without...Seriously!

HELP!!! I am out of Mod Podge!!!

Ok- you may not realize the Magnitude of this Emergency....The screaming, crying, wailing...and that was from my Husband who realized I might not get my Art fix today!!

Thus was born the "Things Mom Must Have" List.... This is based on the Proven Theory "If Momma ain't happy...ain't Nobody happy"...words we live by here at the Freibott Household:)
"Things Mom Must Have"
"Five Things Mom Must Have"
1. Mod Podge...preferably in Gallons. 

 I am embarrassed to say how much of this 'Lucious Viscous Loviliness' I use.  Just the Smell makes me happy!  Wait a minute...maybe it makes me too that stuff toxic??!! 
Anyway- NEVER run out of Mod Podge...never man.

2.  My Scarlet Lime Black Roller Ball Pen. 

Here it is....held Close to My Heart...
My beloved Pen

I will literally Stop Breathing when my pen dies. I'm ordering another one right now...just in case.  Scarlet Lime is Christy Tomilson's Online store...the only place I know where you can get it.  Go there Now!  Run.  Don't walk.

3.  My Cheep-O Spongee thingees.  Lots of them!!

I have a confession to make.  I sometimes...ok most of the time..don't Re-use my little sponge thingees.  Oh the shame!! I try to be good, I really do- but at the end of the day, there they are all dried up into pitiful black-foamy rocks. 
 I admit to trying to sneak through the Hobby Lobby line with several packs because I KNOW what the Lady behind me is thinking..."She's one of those Spongee Wasters!"... I'm ashamed to say I have tried to use the VBS excuse...when it's not even Summer!! 

Where Spongees go to Die:(
4.  My Pitt Pens. 4 pack- S, F, M and Bold

Here is Sophie, our 'Chug' guarding my new 'Pitts'...

I am so attached to these pens that I am probably holding one in my mouth right now.  That's because I am an Obsessive Doodler and Must be able to sketch on Anything and Everything at any time.
Unfortunately I am still learning about what they can and can't go over and am Constantly Gumming them up with other Mediums.

We actually gathered round and had a Few Words and a Moment of Silence for this one.  So was so young..

And Finally...last on the List..
5.  Paper....lots and lots of Paper!
I am the "Crazy Collage Chick"  I love to start almost every piece with Specifically hand picked Papery Goodness.  I am an Indiscriminant lover of Paper.  I hoard everything from Scrap Book Paper to Old Books to Scraps I find here and there. 
My Current ScrapBook Hoard:
I sort by Color- if you can call this 'sorting':)

My 'Shelf of Collagy Scrappy Goodness'
It's an Organized Mess:)  This is what it looks like while I have several Big Projects going at once:)
So there you have it folks!  What are your "Top 5 Absolutely Must Have or My Whole Family will Suffer" art Supplies?
Let me know!
Love to all!