Saturday, June 22, 2013

What We've Learned from Hard Times

The Good...The Really Good...from the Bad...

Nick and Nathan on a Disney Cruise Sponsored by "Make a Wish"
Ok, so as you know it's been a stressful last few years here at the Freibott Household.  The Wonderful News is that the Lord has blessed our family SO much through out our 5 1/2 year Journey with my son's Leukemia. 

We've learned....I mean Really "Deep down in the gut-Learned"... to Not Sweat the Little Things......things like Hair:)
No Hair...No Problem!  Nick at the Phoenix Zoo 2009
We've learned to "Dance in the Rain" and to try to Have Fun and be Silly in as Many Situations as we can.  
Nathan and the Latest Edition to his "Ugly Singing Fish" Collection
And the Lovely Sophie.... Wearing the Season's Latest in Doggie Bikini-Tu-tus. 

Sometime that means "Applying Much Dog".
 Dog Medicine IS the Best Medicine!

Nick and Buddy 2010

Nick, Dad and Rusty at Ronald Mc Donald's House 

Nick and Sera 2012

Sometimes that means Naming, and sometimes 'Dating',
  IV Poles... ours is always named 'Steve'.

Here are Nick and his date 'Steve the IV Pole' on their way to the
 New Years Eve Party
Phoenix Children's Hospital 2011
Sometimes it's just keeping a Tally of how many times you can 'Moon the Nurse' (Hospital Gowns are the same everywhere Folks!)
Or Noogie your Brother and take over the 'Good Bed'...

Big Bro 'Noogie-ing' Nick Phoenix Children's Hospital...good times!

We've been literally 'Welded Together' as a family and are closer than Ever.  We know how to pull together and get Hard Things done.
Like surviving 'It's a Small World' for the First Time...

Left to Right: Nathan, Nick and Best Bud Kale 2012

Riding the Last Disneyland Bus to the Parking Lot with all the Screaming, 'Over Stimmed' Kids

Nick, Kale, Nathan and Dad
We've learned How Important it is to Spend time with Family and Friends...
Nick's "Brotha's from anotha' Motha'
 And that Just Hanging Out Can be a Great Vacation!
We've learned to Enjoy the Little Things And
Above All....
Just to Smile......

Boys Goofing Off


Grampa's Birthday:)


Socks the Goat says "SMILE"!!!!
Love to All!