Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday's 'Share the Link Love'!

It's Time for More Share the Link Lovin'!!

Sock's says "Share the Love!"

I am really excited for this week's blogs and already feel like I've been visiting them forever and for some of them it's only been a week!...weird eh?  When you find like-minded people things just seem to 'Click'... So without Further Ado...

1.  Three Words.....Tracey Fletcher King.  Period.  Hands Down an Amazing Artist.  I first 'met' her on an Index Card a Day and just really fell in love with her Water Color Magic. She has been doing a different Tea Cup every day and they are Wonderful! Trust me, you'll be waiting to see what she comes up with next!!

2.  Tara Swigler.  You must "Beam on Board" this Starship.  Tara is my New Favorite Pink Haired Philosopher and Business Consultant.  She is definitely an "Old Soul" and wise beyond her years. I am already one of her Fans and am looking forward to 'Travelling the Stars' with her!  Go check her out!

3.  Robin at ThirtyOne13!  I am working on sharing some of Robin's Adorable 'Little Houses' art with you guys!  She's also got some great posts on her Flicker site!  Definitely watch here for more from Robin!

4.  Glimmer Bug -  Isn't that adorable!! Can you stand it!! I have to say that GlimmerBug is a bit of an Enigma!!  I couldn't find her Actual Name anywhere on her blog!  Which means it was posted in a Completely Obvious Place that all of you will find immediately:)  I just love her art!  And especially her latest post on 'Crazy Birds' and it even has a video!  Go watch it girl!!

5.  Glitter Your World-  I am absolutely fascinated with this Woman's Photography.  Her Pictures are just kind of  out of another time.  I am new to her site, but really enjoyed all her Instagram Pics and I can't wait to go in and read some of her Reviews.  If you are a Photo Fan...I think you are in for a wonderful Suprise!

Do you have some sites that you LOVE?  Let us know!  Spread some Linky Love!!