Monday, June 3, 2013

Combining Techniques

Recycled Envelope Flowers on a Hand Printed Background

Envelope Flowers on Printed Paper
This little Index Card is the "Moshing" of two techniques I learned at 21 Secrets.....of course:)  

One is Recycled Envelope Flowers from Ro Bruhn's Class and the Background is a "Sneak Peak" of my prints from the lovely Jodi Ohl in her class  "Diary of a Highly Effective but Inconsistent Journaler".  Ok- I seriously took this class first because I thought the Name was so Cool:)

I used all kinds of Fabulous Dollar Store find's for this Background!  Including my favorite new toy...the $1 Dart Board....YES!  Those juicy little black dots.....that's some Dart Board Magic right there!

Tune in tomorrow for all the Dollar Store Details!

Happy ICAD Everyone!