Saturday, June 22, 2013

Cooling Off with Blue and Green

Whew It's Hot!
Although we are not down in the "Valley of the Sun", we are enjoying some pretty Scorchin' weather out here in Northern Arizona.
Summer of Colors Color scheme last week was just So Soothing and Cool that I have been going back to that Journal Page Over and Over.

Well, Obviously...I didn't though:)  Oh the Irony..
It's like Jumping in a Big Blue Pool, which is good because we don't have one!
My First little Envelope Page:)
This was also my first attempt at an Envelope or "Envie" as my friend Shahrul called it! So adorable!
I had seen people use envelopes before and thought it was very clever...little did I know what would happen when I tried it...
I have been stuffing little "Precious Goodies" in this little green 'Envie' all day!  Then I take them out, read them, rearrange them and put them back I crazy? 
I have my precious little Fortunes from Panda Express..(I already knew I was obsessed with little tags of paper)..AND some 'found lettering' from some old books, (they're stuffed in there!  I love it!
 Is anyone else obsessed with little envelopes? 

And Finally....
 Bud Light Lime as Art?!

Some Found Object Art!!

Lest you think I have forsaken my First Love...Diet Pepsi.....I did not in fact Imbibe the Bud Lime which sacrificed it's Cap for this Art.  I did however do a 'Football Touchdown Dance' on the Side of Highway 69 when I found it!  Then I had to carry it my Sports Bra for the last 4 miles....ahh the joys of Running and Scavenging...

My Virtual Pool...Ahhhhhh....

 So even though I am a Week behind with my Color Scheme...take some time with me to Savor the Cool, Frosty Goodness of Blue and Lime.  (Deep Breath in.......Slow Breath Out....)
OK- That's it!!! On to HOT PINK and ORANGE Baby!
See you all soon!