Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Repurposed Printing Madness!

Finally Time for Printing!

I've been collecting "Supplies" for Jodi Ohl's 21 Secret's class on Printing our own Backgrounds...and you KNOW I love the thrill of the Hunt!  So here are some of the Goodies I found:

So,  the one on the right is a 12" by 12" Decorative Tile square that I got for $3.75 at Home Depot.  I pretty much went by price and shape because I was scrapin' the bottom of the 'Art Fund' Barrell!

NOW...the one on the LEFT is the last broken piece of an "Out of Stock" 12" by 12".  Got it for 70 cents... Ya Baby!!

Those are the tools that I used...A brayer, an old Paint Brush and my Trustee Foamies:)

Here's another 12" by 12" I found...again for $3.75...and on the Right...My FAVORITE..the  "Dolla' Dart Board"! 

 I was looking for different Sizes and Shapes of tiles and other 'Repurposed Items'  Here's our $1 Dish Mat...

$1 at Dollar Store...SCORE!
 And here are some FREEBIES!  I think I was at Costco and these were on top of the "Boxes Pile" know, over by the Rest Room...they are heavy duty cardboard...probably for industrial Tape or Wrapping Material...they make Great Rollers!

The Process is really Simple-
1. I just used the Brayer to roll Acrylic Paint mixed with some Gel Medium Directly onto the Tiles.  2. I applied the Paper Face Down on the Tiles 3.  I used my Cardboard Roller to press the paint.  You'll need to use your fingers around things like leaves and extra goodies.

  This is what it looked like Fresh off the Press! I know!  Can you stand it?!   Jodi is a Genius!! Go take her class right now!!

Ok...just so you know.  Jodi Ohl may be able to do this wearing a lovely Blouse and Actual Jewlerey...I, however, was a Hot Mess!  Definitely Paint Everywhere! But TOTALLY worth it!

I recommend you have a Plastic Tub half filled with water that can hold all of your Printing Paraphenlia ....Here's mine:

Here are some other CHEAP, FUN things you can use for Printing!  All of them for a Buck or Less!

Ok- So two Foam Stamps 'ala Micheals Discount Rack', 50 Cents each...the plastic Dish Mat, you will remember, was from the Dollar Store...There's the Dart Board again...a cap off a Spray Paint and....whatever those two thingees are in the upper left that I got at the Thrift Shop for 10 cents...

Just Roller some Paint over those Puppies and GO!

I made LOTS of Papers!  Yikes!  My whole Studio Floor was covered with Messy Painty Goodness.  Here's a few:

18 x 24" Paper
8 x 12" Paper

Index Cards for "Index Card A Day"

I hate to waste ANY Paint so I went ahead and soaked up all the "Leftovers" on Index Cards so I can re use them here and there:)

I hope you enjoyed this little Romp into the World of Printing!  Next time you're at Home Depot...scrounge around in the Tile Aisle and let me know what you come up with!  And Definitely Check out Jodi Ohl's Blog!