Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fairy Houses and Kitties

Wee Little House Week!

Wee Fairy Houses
I just Love, Love, Love Little Houses...I just can't stand it!!  Every time I see a Bird House, Fairy House, Little Lighthouse, Dog House or Out House...I am in a frenzy!!

I am on Cathy Micheal's Design Studio EVERY SINGLE DAY just to Stare at and Drool over her little Collage Houses...I just never get enough!!!  So I have committed to make some little Wee Wonders.

Yesterday my Momma Suprised me with ......JUNK MAIL!!!  Yay!!!  Those of you who have taken Ro Bruhn's Flower Power Class know that the way we view Junk Mail in this Universe has changed forever....

I was just slobbering all over this cool Checkered print on the inside of one of those Envelopes that you NEVER would have bothered opening before.  What have I been doing all my life!  ALL this Free the Trash!

Anyway,  I digress...:)  I started Doodling some turned into Lots of Houses...and because I was starting to go through 'Collage withdrawal'..I had to hit my Papers and Behold the Fairy Village was Born.  I think that I will have to Launch "Little House" week!!! 

Please, Please send me pics of Wee little Wonders!  If you share my Addiction, let me know!

This is a Thank you Card for my Momma for her Diligence in Saving me her Junk Mail:)  I sometimes come over when she is not Home and her Kitties have let me know that I no Longer hold "First Born" Status:)  They are spoiled Rotten!!

I'll have to try to make some "Cat Houses"...Hmmmmm......