Monday, June 10, 2013

Little Fairy Houses

The Fairy House Obsession Continues!

I finally got to LOCK myself in my Studio and what did I make?  More Fairy Houses!!!  Too Fun!  This one I Collaged on some old Book pages for the Background and then I pulled out all my Papers and made a Huge Mess:)....Good Times!

ICAD pick for the Day

Last night I had fun just imagining all my little people climbing up and down the stairs...hanging out Laundry etc..  Ya...I'm a little Crazy that way:)

Pitt Pen and Water Color
Here's a look at one of my Canvases...18 x 24 inch.  This one is made out of all kinds of Juicy bits and pieces I've found on my many runs...including my Favorite Starbucks Lid...Crushed to Perfection! 

Canvas for Dr.'s Office

I will admit that my Runs are every bit as much of  a 'Scouting Mission' as they are an exercise endevour...I find all kinds of things; Bottle Caps, Rusty bits, Papers etc..The only rule is Nothing Yucky....of course:)  Oh!  And I have to be able to carry it for Four More Miles!

I'm working on another Canvas for Dr. Cohen's Office and after much deliberation and sketching I decided to go with the Little Fairy Houses Suprise! 

It's an 18 inch by 3 foot Canvas so it will work well with a Row of New Fairy Condos!  It will go in the "Girl's Room"...or "Exam Room 3".  I have 2 Canvases with Crazy Birds on them already in there so it will be a fun addition.  I should have those Pics for you Tomorrow:)

Are you a 'Collecting Collager'?   Where do you find your bits, pieces, odds and ends?  Let me know!