Saturday, June 15, 2013

Collage Therapy

Feeling a bit 'Stuck'....Collage Therapy

So I have to admit to feeling a little 'Stuck' lately.  I have several Canvases that I am working on that I just don't seem to be able to move Forward with.  I just keep avoiding them....working 'around' them...finding other projects to work on etc..etc..etc.  I think it's a probably equal parts Fear and a Anxiety and Confusion about which way to go next. 
Collage Therapy

The "Commitee"

I don't know about you...but I don't just have  ONE 'Critical Voice' in my head...girl I have a whole Committee!!  It's like a Breakfast Cereal talking up in my heads sometimes! 

For the last few days, while trying to get these projects for the Dr.'s  Office moving, those Voices  have been finding many sneaky, creative ways to Mess with my head.

 "What if I mess it up?"  "What if it doesn't look like I want it too?"  "What if they hate it?"  What if they are just saying they like it?"  These are the things that the Committee comes up with.  Ohhh...but they are SUBTLE now. !  They are sneaky...and quiet...and persistent! 

Because I have worked hard with the Lord to Take Apart that 'Committee Stronghold'  I am able to pick up on the Obvious Voices....well, most of the time:)  But now it's like they've gone underground...they avoid the Radar.  They show up in Nagging Thoughts and in Vague Worriedness;  Sometimes it's in Unrealistic Expectaions or in just Plain Grumpiness.

I know the Answer is to just take a deep breath.... Drink lots of Diet Pepsi and just DO IT.  Just PAINT.  Not think too much, not stop too often and Trust that what Should happen Will Happen.

So YA!  Sounds Great!  But why am I still sitting here partially frozen?

What do you do when you are feeling really Stuck or Afraid to move Forward with something you KNOW you are supposed to do?

For me, most of the time, I just need MOVEMENT.  I pray in Color and I Focus through Movement.  It might be Movement Outside, Excercise, A walk with the Dogs...something to Break the Cycle of Worry and Refocus Myself.

Because I tend to be hyper and am Seriously the Poster Child for ADD, Focus does not come easy to me.  I have my best Prayer times while running a Hills Program on the Exercise Bike.  I can Plan and Strategize and Set Goals best while I am on a run.  I am able to Focus on things when I keep my Body Busy.

So a Wonderful Gift from the Lord came when He let me "Rediscover" Art...and especially Collage.

The Dutchess of Orange in her Amazing Workshop called Jump in Puddles made me realize that throughout my life, when I couldn't put things into words...I could talk in Pictures.  I have always LOVED Collage even when I was little.  I realized while taking her class that just the process of grabbing whatever catches my attention and slapping it down wherever I want, trusting that I will make what I need to see is for Some Reason Totally Healing for Me.

So- I Broke out the Collage....Here's my little 'breakthrough' for the day:)
Collage...It's way Cheaper than Therapy!

 It's on an Index Card so it will go on over to the Wonderful World of ICAD after this:)  I feel better- Much Better.  I feel ready to start again.  I know if I need giant pile of Juicy Magazines is right there for Inspiration.

So Hail to the Dutchess!  And let's Get Painting!

I would so love to hear what you do to get "Unstuck"!   Please leave me a Thoughtful Comment!  And I would love to see some of your Collages!

Collage Therapy