Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fairies in my Garden

Fantasy Gardening...

Normally this time of year I am out digging like a maniac in the "Garden-that-never-produces-anything-but-squash-which-the-Javalinas-promptly-devour". 

For me, it's not the Produce I reap from Gardening....(Mostly because there never is any!)'s the Process itself.

Hoping for LOTS of Fairies this Year!
It all sounds very Zen I know, but in Reality I am a Raging ADD Ball of Energy and hard work in the Yard is just Good Therapy!

This year, however, .I am using my Enormous 20 x 12" garden space  for something I am really GREAT at....WEEDS!  Yep- Delicous, Tasty, "Tall as Your Shoulder" Weeds!! 

We've been busy doing chemo with my Son for the last two years, so Gardening just wasn't Practical. (He's doing great by the way!)

 But THIS Year Baby....I will have the Happiest Goat in the Neighborhood!!

I'm doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but Watering that Puppy!  I might even Stick some Giant Metal Flowers in there just to appease the Neighbors!

And at the end of the Season- when All my Friends are Enjoying the Glorious Fruits of their Labors...My Goatie Goat will be Enjoying Mine !

Our Goatie "Sock's" Smiling for the Camera!
She can Graze to her Heart's Content!  Because this year- I am PAINTING my 'Fantasy Garden'...and there will be a LOT less Weeding!

So Fairy Housing is a Very Important Priority Right Now...

Here's one I made for my Mom for her Sewing Room...which is often visited by "Borrowing" Fairies...

This was as much fun to 'Collect' for as it was to make! It's all 'Found' bits and pieces..there's a Thimble and a Tiny pair of Scissors.  There's a Dress ready for Purchase hung on a Crochet Hook:)  My Mom added the Tiny little Cat:)

I am hoping to Gather some Pictures from other "Fairy House Lovers"...Do you have one you'd like to share?

I would love to Hear from You!