Sunday, June 23, 2013

Let your Art Tell You When You are Stressed Out

Walking the 'Crazy' Line!
So, I know we all come to Art and 'Creativity-ness' for different reasons.  In the last few years my "Why" had been to 'De-stress' and see if I can learn to RELAX a little...(Hilarious that I can't even write the word normally!)

A Graphic Portrayal of my State of Mind this last week:)
What I have noticed is that while so many little things no longer upset me, I do have a much lower threshold for Some types of Stress.
Although it's constantly getting better, I now have to really work to keep 'recharge' and 'quiet' activities scheduled in.  When I don' sneaks up on me.  
 I used to have a long "Stress Fuse".  But Now I can sometimes go from 'Relaxed Happy' to "Pull my Hair out" pretty Darn quick!  And sometimes I don't even Notice until it's already too late and I've got that Spoon right in the Nutella Jar!
So, how can we 'Catch' ourselves when we are starting to go "Hurtling toward Crazy" in time to avoid the Crash? 
Can Our Art and Creative Makings be an Indicator of our State of Mind?

If you Don't think that your 'Sub Conscience' can speak Through your Art... then you are what I like to call... "Wrong" :)  He He!
All you need is a Semester of Psychology 101 from a Local Junior College and you can be an Expert Like Me!!

So Here it attempt to 'Pscho-Babble-itize' my 'Descent into Stress' last week...

As you know I've been working Daily on "An Index Card a Week"....Here are my Daily Cards...Perhaps we can Discover some Clues...

Fluffy Bunnies and Sunshine:)  Circles...playful little swirlies...'Pastelly Goodness'...all is seemingly well:)

Now here...still doing good..Pink and pretty..

But note the Grid appears.... I love to be creative and free....BUT I need some Structure and Order in able to be truly Content. It seems I felt I needed to add it here it here.....

Freud would ask..Why did I choose this particular Quote  "Controversy"? is our first appearance  of Black Paint.  This's 'carefully' splattered...perhaps ominiously' Splattered?

Don't get me wrong...I love Grunge and can be Totally Feeling Great and turn out some very Grungy pieces....but you know...I'm just sayin'...:)

When I did this next page, my Wonderful Husband and Oldest Son were "Geeking Out" with their Fabulous New Sound Bar. It literally makes every Door and Window of our house Rumble. With a household full of Teenage Boys I am no Stranger to noise. But this time they had hauled out their new "Zombie Apocalypse Type" Game...

Note the Black Paint is now being 'Aggresively' Applied...
  The Freibott Household is of course Completely Prepared for the Eventual Zombie Apocalypse, but 3 hours of Shooting, Screaming, War Cries and Dying Zombies can take it's tole even the most Dedicated 'Geek Wife'.

Ok, so from now on things just Go Obviously Down Hill! Spray paint, Black everywhere...Chaos is now taking over. My nice little grid has been drowned in the Background..

 And NOW- Just in case I Wasn't Listening....My Subconscience Puts the Writing on the Wall....

Notice the red splattering that looks like a bullet wound!!
The Hilarious part was that I did these words without even Thinking!  I was doing several things at once and was paying more attention to getting my Bold Pitt Pen to not bleed than to what I was writing... It wasn't till I was ready to take a Pic that I noticed the words!
So here was the "Final Straw" piece...
I tried to make a nice Orange and Hot Pink Journal Page...I had lots of Cutsie stuff to put on it...even a Pink Zipper and a Cute Butterfly Stencil...I wanted it to be Happy and Subtle and Playfull...'s what Really Happened...
Ya- by the time I am throwing Black Paint at Butterflies, it's time to take a Step Back!
Fortunately I got the hint at that point.  I took a nice 'Sniffy Walk' with our Chug she is..
(Fortunately we had on  Matching outfits....:))
I took a Hot Shower and donned  my "Noise Dampening Headphones" and I was in much better shape.  I worked in some Exercise and some "Outside time" the next day and felt Much better:)
I went back to the SOC, Summer of Color project and here's what came out...
This was Much Closer to what I was Hoping for....and a good 'Thumbs Up' from the ole' Psyche:)
Now, Everyone has there own Style...and our 'Stress Art' is Very, Very Important.  If I hadn't worked it through and let myself throw whatever Paint I felt like on there....I wouldn't have gotten to the other side.
So How can you tell when you are stressed out?  Other than Nutella Consumption obviously...
Love to hear from you!!
Love to All!