Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Best Post Ever!!

No More Chemo!!!
My Best Index Card  Collage Ever!!

Dr. Cohen Surprised us at our Chemo Visit and announced that Today was his Last Treatment!!!  No More Chemo!!  Not even home meds- he is Totally Done!
If you just joined us, Nick is 16 and has been doing Chemo for Leukemia for the last 5 and a half Years.  He's doing Fantastic Now!
Thank you all so very much for your Prayers and Blessings and please Continue praying for his Continued Remission:)
That's all Today because we are Going Out To Celebrate!!  Join us in giving Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ who makes All Things Possible!
Love to All!!  And I'll be Drinking as Much Diet Pepsi as I want tonight!!!