Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dollar Store Art Item of the WEEK!!!

This is a JUICY One!!!
Here it is!!!  TA DA!!!
 I know- it's Cute, It's Pink....It holds your stuff so it's not All Over the Couch.....But WAIT!

Look CLOSER....

Look at those Juicy, EXPENSIVE Stenciled HOLES Just waiting to be Cut up and Repurposed!!
WAIT!!  Here's another one...with Different Holes!

You KNOW I am Crazy Obsessed with Stencils....
I Have a Huge 3 Ring Binder filled with them...
The Butterfly there and the Numbers....LOVE THEM!!!  Paid about $5.00 for them...
Here's One I just picked up....
Note the $3.99 Price Tag....
But NOT this Time!!!
   I just grabbed a Cheap-O Pair of Scissors....and BAM!!!  Stencils for a BUCK Baby!


So Here's How I used them to Make a Journal Page...

This Basket has Teeny Tiny Delicious Circles.
 I used a Make-up-Spongy-Thinggee to apply paint so it didn't seep under.
 (I, of course,  use my Fingers to slop my make up on!)  ....Everyone knows those little babies are for Stenciling!
Ha!  Make up Sponges for Make up......"Ain't nobody got Time for that!!"
So here's what I made using my Cut-Up-Basket-Magic and some Acrylic Paint:
Too Fun!!!  Can't wait to Finish it!!
Here's a 4 x 6 for an Upcoming ICAD

 So what are you waiting for?!!!  If you just Can't wait to get to the Dollarama Store then go ahead and cut out a Chunk of the Basket you're using to keep the Kid's Bath Toys in!  They won't even Notice!!! 
Just Make Sure you replace it with a Basket with very Boring, Uninteresting Holes:)

 Have you had a 'Dollar Store Epiphany'?? 
 I would Love to Hear from you!!!
Love to ALL!